We offer Fertilizing and Weed Control Packages as well as an Organic Fertilizing only option.

100% Organic Fertilizer Option

Safe for Pets and Children

Our all-natural ingredients supply the food energy your lawns and landscapes need to increase the number of natural microbes found in the soil, while also providing the basic nutrients needed for healthy plant growth and improved overall turf and landscape quality.

Enviromentaly Friendly

Ideal for applications near sensitive environmental areas, such as wetlands, streams and lakes.

4 Application Seasonal Program Available

Traditional Fertilizers with a Twist

We also use top rated fertilizers designed for golf course applications.  Why?  Because golf coursed need beautiful turf but not a lot of clippings, so their fertilizers promote plant vitality but not top growth.  This translates to a more beautiful lawn for you with fewer unsightly grass clippings.  If you have pets or kids, then you know where those grass clippings end up.

We also offer extended release fertilizer options that only need to applied twice a season, yet deliver deep green color all summer long.  This results in savings to our customers!

Weed control with a conscience

Responsible use of Chemicals:  To be clear, there just aren’t any viable organic weed control options available…yet.  There are a few, but they are cost prohibitive for most applications.  So, we use the most effective synthetic chemical controls available to us at this time.  We can effectively control Creeping Charlie, Clover, Thistle, Dandelions, and many other weeds that plague our lawns.  But, we try to do so with as little chemical as possible.  We do not spray when it is not necessary!