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6 Step Program

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We use the same chemicals that the best golf course professionals use. Proven results with your bottom line in mind.


We strive to use no more chemicals than are necessary, but enough to yield the results you are counting on.

6 Application Seasonal Program Available

Traditional Fertilizers with a Twist

A vital part of maintaining your landscape is fertilization and weed control in your turf. To make certain your turf is lush and beautiful, we take care to individually address your turf health and vitality throughout the growing season.

1st Application – Our early season weed control application will kill any weeds that have already sprouted, but it also leaves a barrier to new weeds for a full 90 days!

2nd Application – The second application will fertilize your lawn as well as putting down the first round of crabgrass prevention.

3rd Application – During this treatment another round of fertilizer and crab grass prevention.

4th Application –  This application will follow up on and persistent weeds especially Creeping Charlie and clover.

5th Application –This application promoted turf density and keeps your lawn growing it’s thickest and greenest!

Final Application- This is a soil amendment and fertilizer, applying various soil nutrients that promote vigorous root growth and over winter hardiness.

translates to a more beautiful lawn for you with fewer unsightly grass clippings.  If you have pets or kids, then you know where those grass clippings end up.

We also offer extended release fertilizer options that only need to applied twice a season, yet deliver deep green color all summer long.  This results in savings to our customers!

Weed control with a conscience

Responsible use of Chemicals:  To be clear, there just aren’t any viable organic weed control options available…yet.  There are a few, but they are cost prohibitive for most applications.  So, we use the most effective synthetic chemical controls available to us at this time.  We can effectively control Creeping Charlie, Clover, Thistle, Dandelions, and many other weeds that plague our lawns.  But, we try to do so with as little chemical use as possible.  We do not spray when it is not necessary!