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“I have used Justin’s lawn services for two years now and plan to continue. He is always prompt and thorough. Our yard always looks well maintained. Justin takes pride in his work and it is evident by the end results. He has always been considerate of our preferences and offers excellent advice on the best ways to improve our lawn.” 

– Lory S.-Rogers


For our clay soils, it's a real need.

Weekly Mowing

Keeping everything looking it's best.

Mulch & Rock

For conservation or beautification.

Fertilizing & Weed Control

Effective yet efficient use of chemicals.

lawn dethatching

Letting your lawn receive all of the nutrients it needs.

Snow Removal and Salt Application

Snow is no "side job!"

Top of the line quality Fertilizers and Weed Control

Our 3 step program will keep your lawn weed free and beautiful.

What sets JK Property Service Apart?

Since 2010 we have taken our love of the outdoors and made it our career.  Back then we had our first child and that is when I knew that I no longer wanted to work the 9-5 grind.  I wanted to have more flexibility of schedule to go to plays, games and other activities that come with being a parent.  It has been a great decision!  As time passed and we gained more customers, it became clear that there was no going back.  Now, our youngest has entered school and there is more time than ever to grow the business.  I believe that we do a few things that truly set us apart.

Communication:  Due to my years in a managerial role in a customer service-based industry, I grew to understand the importance of communication.  I bring that understanding to our business.  You will be informed of any schedule changes and generally kept “in the loop”.  If there are scheduling changes due to weather or anything else, I will email, text, or DM you personally and let you know what the plan is and when the work will be completed.

Professionalism: We have made it our business to be as professional as possible in all facets of our business.  We are licensed and insured.  We keep our equipment clean and up-to-date.  (Our mowers are replaced every 3 years!)    

We want to make your time in the yard as enjoyable and maintenance free as possible.  We use up-to-date commercial grade equipment.  We even do the little things like sharpening the mower blades twice a week.  We maintain all equipment to a level of cleanliness that will be welcome in any neighborhood.  We utilize technology that enables us to instantly redirect our routes to accommodate changes in the needs of our customers.

Technology:  We monitor industry trends and act on those trends that appear to bring value to our customer base.  This is especially true with equipment but also in practices.


Training:  We also undergo extensive training in grass cultivars to better select the right seed for your lawn project.  What is right for one lawn may not be right for the next.  We do not just apply whatever is available and the least expensive.  Paying a little more upfront for better seed could lead to less irrigation and  less fertilization needed for the lifetime of the lawn!  That saves a lot of time and money!  Some cultivars of blue grass are even created to grow to a maximum height of 2 1/2 inches which drastically reduces the need for weekly mowing!

Ease of Use:  We use electronic billing and payment forms.  Using QuickBooks for our accounting software has enabled us to bill and receive payments electronically.  You receive an invoice via email.  When you open the email, you can review the invoice and have the ability to simply click “Pay Now” to pay the invoice.  It’s that easy.

Flexible:  At JK Property Service we believe in being flexible.  We do not use contracts.  We believe that if you are happy with your service you will continue that service.  Hopefully you will even recommend us to a friend or two!  We offer weekly or bi-weekly mowing.  We have package deals that include mowing and fertilizing, we even offer a package for year around service that includes snow removal. 

Green:  We are always on the leading edge of business trends.  We have implemented the use of rechargeable hand held equipment, that reduces noise and emissions.  We have also created a fully organic, food safe fertilizer program.  It is completely safe for kids, pets, and if you really wanted to, you could eat it!  (No, it does not smell like a barnyard!)

Soil Testing:  We also provide soil testing for lawns.   This can provide valuable information regarding micro-nutrients and nitrogen levels.  Many times, a small adjustment in the fertilization program based on this information can bring thin unhealthy grass back to a vigorous beautiful lawn you can be proud of.

Local Recommendations: 

Aeration:  In the St. Michael, Rogers, Otsego, Monticello areas, we have a heavy clay soil.  It has it’s advantages, like holding onto water for an extended period of time to keep lawns and trees healthy throughout the summer. But it has disadvantages as well. The primary concern with clay soil is compaction. Compaction can lead to diminishing turf even when fertilization, mowing, and watering practices are followed. 

Fertilizing:  Use extended release nitrogen fertlizers.  We have two main varieties that we use.  The first has a metered release of nitrogen over 6 weeks.  The second (which we use for large properties and those that want a more economical package) uses an extended release nitrogen that lasts a full 12 weeks.  That means fertilizing twice a season for us!

Watering:  Your lawn needs 1 inch of water per week to thrive.  So, set out an empty tuna can and run your sprinklers for a set time and see how much water you are actually putting down on your lawn.  Adjust the times of your sprinklers accordingly.  Most large area sprinklers put down about 1/4 inch per hour.


When should I do what???

Minnesota lawn care calendar

What to doBest time to do itOkay time to do it
MowingLast week of April through early November 
Crabgrass controlPre-emergence: Mid April to mid May, before crabgrass comes out of the groundPost-emergence: Mid May to early July, apply to small, visible crabgrass
SoddingEarly May through June; mid August to late OctoberLate June to 2nd week of August
WateringMay through late October 
SeedingEarly August to late September; Mid NovemberMay through early June
FertilizingEarly August through mid OctoberMay through late June
AeratingMid August through mid OctoberLate April through May
DethatchingMid August through September 
Broadleaf weed controlSeptember through late OctoberMay through late June