Snow Removal in Saint Michael, MN

Blown not pushed

Save your landscaping and avoid giant snow walls alongside your driveway! We will pull the snow from your driveway and then blow the snow from the road back onto the grass. There will be no landscape damage and no walls of snow! Our small tractors are far more maneuverable than trucks with plow blades on them. That allows to do a better job, in a shorter amount of time.

Commercial or Residential

Skid steer and/or tractor available for any job. We are fully insured and ready to go at a moments notice!

Per Push/ Monthly/ or Seasonal

With 1 or 2 inch triggers for residential, we start our routes after the first 3 inches of accumulation and continue until after the city plows have finished their routes. This ensures your driveway will remain open and clear. For commercial we will adhere to contract SOW guidelines.

We use UHDPE (Ultra High Density Poly Ethylene) plastic scraper blades instead of steel.  It cuts down to the pavement but will not mar concrete paver driveways.  Blowing the snow is simply better than pushing it.  Trucks are better for parking lots where they can push forward quickly.  Tractors are better for residential driveways, where they are more maneuverable, and can blow the snow.