Lawn Care Services

We use a variety of commercial grade lawn mowers and trimming
equipment. We will mow, trim, and blow
clippings back into the yard, leaving your lawn looking
professionally maintained.  

Spring Clean-Up:  This includes dethatching of the lawn, blowing out leaves from rock and mulch beds, lawn mowing, trimming, collecting and hauling away of all collected debris.

Lawn Mowing: All turf areas will be mowed once per week so that no more than 1/3 of the leaf blades are removed. All areas bordered by grass will be trimmed at each mowing and hard surfaces will be blown free of lawn debris.

Fall Cleanup: This includes blowing debris and leaves out of all landscaped areas, mowing and trimming of the turf and leaf collecting. We generally perform this twice during the fall season and this includes disposal. Landscape bed maintenance can also be done at this time.

Cities We Service:  We offer our lawn care and lawn mowing services to these cities: